Facilities and Equipment

Nothing but the best for our customers!

That is what we decided when we considered opening up a laundromat.

Here is a listing of the equipment we have:

Large Capacity Washing Machines:

  • 12 Maytag toploading
  • 12 Dexter frontloading

Dexter washers: 5 / 40lb units (maxi-load) – 7 / 25lb units (triple-load)
Cycle length: 28 minutes

Large Capacity Dryers:

  • 32 Dexter dryers

31 / 30lb – 1/ 50lb (yes, no other laundromat in Nashua has a dryer bigger than ours!)

We also have many amenities for your convenience:

  • Laundry folding tables
  • Laundry carts
  • Bill changer
  • Soap and sundries machine
  • Soda and snack machines
  • Clean restroom
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